Preferred Homes Michigan

Our company, Preferred Homes Michigan, is a full service asset management company that specializes in the Metro Detroit Market.

Preferred Homes works with local and international clients who hold both large and small portfolio sizes in order to provide premium turnkey real estate to those seeking high quality, cash flowing investment properties.

We strategically acquire discounted homes in stable neighborhoods

Our contractors renovate the homes to meet all code requirements for renters and homeowners.

A property management team puts prospective tenants through a screening process and chooses on that best fits the criteria as a stable paying renter.

The result is that we create an opportunity for our investor network to own stable and appreciating investment properties with a return on investment (ROI) ranging from 12-20% which is not seen in typical real estate markets.

We are able to accomplish this ROI for investors because of our relationships that allow us to purchase property at a significant discount.

 Where can I get the best return on my money?

In the past, the thinking was to invest in the stock market for the long term, which was true in the 1980′s and 1920′s but from 2000-2010 if you had invested in just the S&P 500 your annualized dividends was 1.4% per year.

Even after the much-publicized decline in the housing prices over the last several years, the national median price of homes averaged an increase of 3.4% per year since 2000 or a net increase of 40.10% during the last decade and this does not even factor in cash flow returns.

Factoring in cash flow returns of 12-20% per year and minimal appreciation, rental properties should produce an internal rate of return over five years of 25-35% per year.


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